Pimples Be Gone!

October 7, 2013
  • Reviews on some Pimple Treatment Alternatives:

  • They say that when you are a teenager it is inevitable to get pimples with the hormones that are surging in your bloodstream. When you go beyond your teenage years and the pimples just keeps erupting something has got to be done!

  • I tell you I can cover those pimples with concealers and the magic of make-up but the bumps and hallows cannot be hidden. It is a scar remaining on your face for life unless you face the mirror and tell it enough, I’m ridding of you.

    Here are some ways that you can minimize your pimples. I had some people test some products that I heard works to see for myself and I have narrated below the ones that showed improvements on the skin of my subjects.

  • Tip 1. Calmoseptin

    – it’s a common diaper rash treatment. When I heard of this my initial reaction was “hello, para sa baby yan, anong kinalaman nyan sa pimples?”.

  • Maybe it’s the zinc oxide in Calmoseptin that helps get rid of the pimples as it is described by paulaschoice.com as an anti-irritant, and is exactly what the label says. No matter what it is it work on my subject. Plus the calamine lotion is know to be an anti-itch medicine so maybe it helps that you don’t touch your pimples with dirty hands all the time because hinde na sya makati.

    See my subject – Lorena’s before photos. Note that in this photo the light was warm so it downplayed her pimples pa.

  • Now here she is in a more unforgiving lighting after 1 week of twice a day use. Most of her pimples are drying out and it continued to do so as she continued using Calmoseptin.

  • Tip 2. Kojic Soap

    – my brother who is already in his early 20’s still models a pimple prone face. His skin is very light so the pimples are really obvious. As irritated as he was with his face, his make-up artist sister, moi, is just clenching her fist and stopping herself from putting concealer on a guy haha!

    He wouldn’t go for Calmoseptin coz it leaves a whitish film on the skin much that looks like you’ve put too much sunscreen so I had to find another solution. But I wouldn’t stop bugging him to do something about it and so he tried what his college friends suggested – kojic soap. He used Kojie-San as it was the first brand he saw at the mall.

  • It is used mainly as a skin lightening but it worked in drying his pimples. I was not able to take a before shot of him before using kojie san but I did take one a week after…

  • …and another a few weeks after. The scars are still there but it is starting to lighten up and the pimples stopped coming.

  • Of course nothing beats going to a dermatologist and getting proper diagnosis on what’s causing your acne or pimples, but it wouldn’t hurt to try out some cheap alternatives to curing them.

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